“Looker” emerged in 1982 when John Karavage and Bob

Krakowski (former bass player) answered the same ad for a

country rock band. After this audition John, Bob and DJ Dan

Poletti (who answered the same ad to play guitar) got together with a

Drummer and began to practice. This drummer didn’t last more

than two rehearsals, when Bernie Stellar took his place. The band,

then called “Break Through” played three jobs together, then

John McGhee joined as guitarist, replacing Dan.

With John Karavage, Bob Krakowski, Bernie Stellar, and John

McGhee together, the line-up of the band was in place and

“Looker” was born. This line-up continued to work together

From 1982 until 1992 when they took a break to explore

other interests. “Looker” returned in 1994 with the same members

and a renewed passion and energy, having upgraded their

equipment and song lists. They continued to play until 1997.

The band played all over Northeast and Central Pennsylvania

but the Mt. Carmel, Kulpmont, Ashland area was home base.

Especially the Jan Sobieski Club in Kulpmont, Pa. When “Looker”

played “The Club” it was always packed beyond capacity.

Many of their fans followed the band to various clubs. “Looker” also

played countless weddings which included special sets covering

music from every decade from the 1930’s to present.


Band members kept in touch and remained close friends during

their vacation from playing live. They each faced many life changes

during this time. Several obstacles prevented an earlier reunion.

In 2002 John Karavage was seriously injured in an auto accident,

getting hit head on by a drunk driver. The same year John McGhee,

who had rejoined the military in 1998, was deployed to Germany

for nine months with his Army National Guard unit. Plans were made

to reunite in 2005 but, again, John McGhee was deployed. This time

to Ramadi, Iraq for 18 months. Upon his return in late summer 2006

the band began rehearsing. At this time Bob Kracowski decided not

to join the other members due to time constraints of owning and

operating his business.


John Karavage called a colleague from his previous band “Staryard”.

A seasoned bassist, Rich Rohrer joined the three original members

of “Looker” in 2007. The line-up was again complete and rehearsals began.

 “Looker” played their official reunion on 1/26/08 to the delight

of a sellout crowd at Lazarsky’s Banquet Hall, Mt. Carmel, Pa.

They will be playing again in the future including:

April 19, 2008 at the Sobieski Club, Kulpmont, Pa.

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